Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How many total verses in the Holy Quran?

How many total verses in the Holy Quran?

There are several answers given to us.

Majority would answer 6,666 verses.

Others would answer 6,240 verses, 6,226 verses or other answers in the range of 6,000-7,000 verses.

We read the the same Quran throughout the world so there should be one answer only.

It seem trivial but it is important to know the fact.

To put the debate to rest, I decided to calculate the number of verses in the Holy Quran using MS Excel spreadsheet.

The definite answer is 6236 verses

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  1. mashallah you are doing a great job and your blog is good i have seen another site from where people could learn quran online learn quran with tajweed its learn quran online, learn quran

  2. well, i have seen this many time,, that some of the people are mentioning them 6643, i have seen this on many blogs, but i am clear about it that they are 6666. so what about them who says they are 6643, and over here, you mentioned some of the people says, they are 6,240 or 6,226. need to clear..

    and again over here your answer is 6236 ??

    but you did great job, God bless you,,, thanks for sharing, that you tried to figure out all the Quran verses...

  3. It sure is 6236. There should not be any confusion about this, very straight forward addition.

    Jazak Allah

  4. One more thought, even if we add 113 Bismillah, before each Surah it will be 6349.

  5. Thanks for the information you provided through this post .i do agree that definite answer is 6236 verses...



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